Buttered Latte (Yes That Butter) | Coffee Collaboration

Buttered Latte (Yes That Butter) | Coffee Collaboration

There truly is nothing better than a rich tasting milk based espresso drink. And what a better way to make something rich than to add butter! This week we give a buttered latte a try, follow along and let us know what you think!

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Arya N’s Buttered Latte Recipe:

We know that espresso tastes best with whole milk but many people like to use 2% or non fat milk which just doesn’t give a rich tasting milk based coffee drink. So when not using whole milk, use some butter (salted or unsalted butter) in the milk before frothing.

For a 6 ounce flatwhite/latte use 3-7 grams of butter.

Steam the butter with milk to desired texture and temperature. Add the frothed milk to a double shot of espresso.

And Enjoy!

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