How to Roast Chicken

How to Roast Chicken

Do you want to make juicy, flavorful chicken breasts? This easy recipe for Oven Roasted Chicken Breasts will produce perfect chicken breasts every single time!!!

What you need for Oven Roasted Chicken:
Chicken Breasts (bone-in, skin on)
Olive Oil
Instant Read Thermometer

How to Roast Chicken Breasts
1. Season chicken on both sides with olive oil and salt and pepper.
2. Place the thermometer probe into the middle of the thickest chicken breast.
3. Set the alarm for 162 degrees Fahrenheit. The chicken will reach 165 degrees after resting.
4. Roast chicken breasts at 350 degrees until the thermometer reaches 162 degrees, about 40-45 minutes.
5. Remove chicken from oven and loosely tent with foil.
6. Allow to rest for 5-10 minutes before serving.
7. Shred or dice up chicken and use as desired.

Do not forget to save the chicken bones to make homemade stock.

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Oven Roasted Chicken Breasts:
Homemade Chicken Stock:

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