Making MOST VIRAL YouTube Recipe❣️Simple Chocolate Mousse

Making MOST VIRAL YouTube Recipe❣️Simple Chocolate Mousse

With 43 million views and counting, I’m making the most viral YouTube recipe for Simple Chocolate Mousse, which might make it the perfect recipe for Valentine’s Day.

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Find the original recipe at HiroMaru Cook TV:
Find Maria at La Coquette:

Simple Chocolate Mousse from HiroMaru Cook TV
2 T. hot water
15 g unsweetened cocoa powder
250 ml whole milk
200 ml heavy cream
30 g sugar
50 g condensed milk
8 g unflavored gelatin powder
40 ml water
100 g dark chocolate, chopped
cocoa powder for dusting

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‘Must Have Forgotten’ ‘Dusty Coscience’ ‘Strolling in Style’ ‘Signs of Mercy’ ‘The Garden Repertoire’ ‘Coffee and Unicorns’ ‘Rhodes to Heaven’ and ‘Sprightly’ from iMovie. You’ve made it to the end – welcome! Comment: “Mousse twerk!”

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