Toasted Sandwiches: "Cheese & Mushroom" + "Chilli Chaser" + freshly made Coffee at Roastery Toastery

Toasted Sandwiches: "Cheese & Mushroom" + "Chilli Chaser" + freshly made Coffee at Roastery Toastery

✓ When I’ve visited the world famous Camden Stable & Lock Market, I’ve passed this wonderful tiny cafe many times but never had a chance to actually go in; so on a cold winters day i finally had to get a toastie from these guys as i was in serious need of some warming, meltly cheesy comfort food.

Just one look at the menu told me that these guys are “Toastie Making Masters” not just serving up plain ordinary toasties but in fact they are “Gourmet Toasted Sandwiches”, you can tell that a lot of thought and consideration has gone into using good quality ingredients.

On the day of my visit I had the “PRINCESS” Toasted Sandwich with the following fillings / recipe ingredients:
* 4 different Cheeses (Gruyere, Mozzarella, Smoked and Blue Stilton).
* Portobello Mushrooms (Roasted with crushed Garlic)
* Caramelised Onion
* Fresh Rocket Leaf
* Made using Sourdough Bread
* Aioli (I choose to leave this out as it contains egg in the ingredients)

In this video you can also see their “Chilli Chaser” toastie being prepared, the recipe for it is as follows:
* Tomato based Chutney cooked with Ginger, Garlic, Onions and seasoned.
* Honey based Aioli made in-house with Mayo, Garlic and Seasonings.
* Grated three Cheese combined Honey, Mayonaise, Mustard and seasoned with Salt & Pepper.
* Fully loaded with two types of Green and Red hot Chillies

I’m also liking the fact that they use real unsalted butter when toasting their sandwiches which adds even more taste to the actual toasted sandwich and raises the flavour to a higher level!!!

Instagram: @roastery.toastery
Twitter: @RToastery
Facebook: @Roastery and Toastery – Chalk Farm

Whilst eating my toastie I started to reminisce about the Indian Street Food sandwiches i used to eat in India, some of the sandwiches i’ve eaten in the past can be found in my “Toasted Cheese Sandwich” playlist:

This shop opened last May and i feel that they have already set a benchmark in the “Toasted Sandwich Game” by using good quality recipe ingredients which definitely makes all the difference when it comes to taste.

There are many other toasties on the menu such as their “Classic”, “Frenchie”, “Welsh Rarebit and “the vegan option called “I’m not Cheesy” which I didn’t get to eat this time around, so I can’t wait to pay a return visit wink wink!!! 😉

The cakes and pastries on display are by “Peyton and Byrne” bakery and look like edible works of art.

A very special thank you to Marie, Lari and the Coffee Barista who very much welcomed me and graciously allowed me a privileged glimpse into their kitchen to do the videoing.

Roastery Toastery’s address is Chalk Farm Station, Adelaide Road, London, NW3 2BP

Their phone number is: 020 3422 1402

(Video recorded on Monday 20th January 2020).

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