White Russian Craft Beer | Strawberry Milkshake IPA | Imperial Coffee Milk Stout

White Russian Craft Beer | Strawberry Milkshake IPA | Imperial Coffee Milk Stout

White Russian Craft Beer. It’s a thing. And Stewart Brewing of Edinburgh are the ones we have to thank. Creatively titled White Russian, this latest craft beer is part of their Project 7, a range of craft beers made to push the boundaries for the craft beer category.

But wait! There’s more! Joining white Russian are two other craft beers from the Durham based S43 – a Strawberry Milkshake IPA called When Berry Met Dairy and an Imperial Coffee Stout called Pinkies Out – made in collaboration with Newcastle Based coffee roasters Pink Lane Coffee.

There has been an explosion in different craft beer styles over the last decade with a plethora of new and exciting breweries contributing to the category. Today we’re going to be looking at three beers aimed towards those of us with a sweet tooth; a white milk stout from Stewart Brewing, and two of the latest brews from S43 in Durham, a strawberry milkshake IPA and an Imperial Coffee Milk stout.

We’ll kick off proceedings a bit closer to home. This is White Russian, a 6.6% white milk stout from the Edinburgh based Stewart Brewery. This beer forms part of their experimental ‘Project 7’ – a range designed to push the brewery towards more exciting and innovative styles. The first point of difference is this beer, despite being a stout, has the appearance of a pale ale. This is a white stout and it’s primarily aimed as a bit of a gimmick to appeal to those drinkers that enjoy having their expectations subverted from time to time. Regardless of this, the beer is a very solid entry and could well serve as the poster child for the style if given enough time. The stout is made with Dextrin, chit malt and oats alongside unfermentable lactose sugar, all designed to add a touch of sweetness and a fuller body to the beer. A heavy amount of columbian coffee finishes the beer, and combined with the mouthfeel, is successful in evoking the Dude’s favourite tipple. The beer has a luxurious mouthfeel and is full of rich chocolate and coffee flavours. It’s rich, without being sickly, and enough of the malt comes through on the palette to remind you, you really are drinking a beer.

Next up we have When Berry met Dairy, a Strawberry Milkshake IPA coming in at a barely more conservative 6.4%. Milkshake IPAs are very trendy just now with a heavy portion of brewers turning their hand to them. This, is in fact S43’s second version of the style.
This beer is again thick in texture with a fresher fruit forward character. More emphasis has been placed on the hop bill for this beer, consisting of Mosaic, Belma and Heull Melon, all of which work to temper the lactic sweetness of the beer with a tropical fruit edge. Through a combination of witchcraft and the addition of whole vanilla pods to the brew, the beer pulls off the unthinkable and favourably emulates it’s namesake. Strawberry aromas come through on the nose and a tinge of mild fruit comes up on the palette, the vanilla dominates and at the last moment a fresh juicy wave of hops presents itself. I have little else to say other than the beer tastes pink, and it’s a good thing.

In best stalling for time fashion I have saved the best for last. Our second sweet treat from s43 is a rich number known as Pinkies out, an imperial coffee stout packing a fair whallop at 9.5% and is in fact a collaboration with Newcastle based coffee roasters Pink Lane Coffee, and I have some good things to say about them and their work, so I invite you back in time to eight weeks ago when I first bought this can and committed my thoughts to SD card

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What beers have you tried in the last twelve months that shone out as doing something different? I want to hear about them down below. Thank you very much for watching – next time, we’re going to be taking a look at what might be the most beautifully coloured whisky I’ve ever laid eyes on, and it cost me less than £50 for the privilege. If you like the sound of that make sure you’re subscribed to keep up to date. Until then.

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